InterfaceASIA, a brand of Interface in Design, provides full service online and offline data collection/fieldwork throughout Asia-Pacific. We have local offices in Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, India and Indonesia, where knowledgeable market researchers will assist you for ultimate results. We have comprehensive access to hundreds of thousands of Asian physicians, nurses, veterinarians, other health care professionals and patients. We also cover over one million consumer, B2B/IT and automotive panelists. Local moderators are on staff at our state-of-the-art research facilities, equipped with the latest services, to meet any of your offline research needs.


InterfaceASIA's online solutions allow instant and reliable access to all of the major Asian markets. We boast the highest quality and most comprehensive online access research panels in Asia. Our panelists are profiled with a wide variety of attributes for detailed demographic and geographic targeting, with additional customizable criteria. Our in-country multinational/multilingual panel management team develops and deploys Asia's leading panels to ensure the localization and cultural continuity for your global research. We also offer programming and hosting services, where we can create and deploy online surveys, manage tabulation, and analyze online research projects.


Reach any physician specialty, as well as other medical professionals in Asia on InterfaceASIA's Healthcare Panel. Our Physician Panel is made up of practicing physicians who participate in both offline and online research concerning health care-related issues. Along with primary care physicians, every major medical specialty and sub-specialty, working out of private offices, hospitals and long-term care-based practices are represented on our panel. Additionally, our highly profiled patient panels target multiple ailment types, medications, device users, smokers, and life style habits.

Consumer Panel

InterfaceASIA is the region's industry leader for top quality and specific targeted sampling. Across Asia we offer access to over one million double opt-in panelists, who have agreed to be invited to participate in online surveys. Our consumer panels deliver a representative sample of each country's population, with extensive geographical, socio-economic and product/service preference profiling. Our online service offers precise research results for custom ad-hoc projects and long term tracking studies with expedited field schedules and cost-effectiveness.

B2B / IT

InterfaceAsia has built Asia's premier B2B online panel. To increase population coverage and enhance representativeness, we have recruited the most diverse and most difficult to reach panelists by utilizing our proprietary online and offline industrial portal sites, telephone, mail, and in-person approaches. Our panels give direct access to Asia's business professionals, by targeting: company size, industry, business function, department, titles, influencers, decision makers and C-level executives in addition to a large number of specific attributes.

Web Surveys

Attain perspective from your target group by conducting an online survey. We can even help you strategically design and implement a survey from scratch.

Programming / Hosting

Let us host and deploy your online research projects. We will monitor and manage tabulations as well as analyze the outcome.


InterfaceASIA's highly skilled market researchers operate across industry sectors and have a deep understanding of our client's business issues. We supply international research project management and coordination for major global corporations, consulting agencies, and other market research firms. Our local research teams understand each market's cultural nuances and come from the field they are working on, ensuring the best research model and accurate analytics. Utilizing any approach, we offer expert advice on the most suitable methodology for your solution. On every project, our in-depth expertise reveals Asia's most comprehensive market intelligence.

Qualitative Capabilities

One-On-One Interview
To get an insight of opinions in the context of individuals’ lifestyle, values and tastes.
Home Visit Interview
To see how a product is actually used and gain a deeper understanding of the circumstances surrounding usage.
To observe how a product is actually used and gain a deeper insight of the cultural, historical, and lifestyle-related factors.
Eye Tracking
To gain an understanding of eye movement on the target material.
Focus Group Interview
To attain a deep perspective of the opinion via relatively homogeneous groups.
Mystery Shopping
To collect information about the service/product by secret shoppers.

Quantitative Capabilities

An on-location survey to obtain evaluations of a product or service.
CLT (Central Location Test)
Deploy a survey in a centralized location such as a suite within a shopping mall.
CATI (Computer- Assisted Telephone Interview)
Conduct a scripted survey by phone by an interviewer who inputs the data into a data set.
Mail / Postal Survey
Respondents are invited by mail to gain an understanding of a product or service.